Reishi Elixir (4-pack)

$ 91.00

  • What does it do?

    Helps support occasional stress and sleep. 
  • What is it?

    When consumed in continuous, small doses, reishi has been shown to support the body’s sleep cycles as well as support occasional stress. We love relaxing with reishi before bed and waking up feeling refreshed.
  • How many?

    20 instant powder packets per box
  • How powerful is it?

    1,500 mg of fruiting body, extracted, log-grown (not grain!) red reishi mushrooms per packet.
  • Can I have it?

    Vegan, Paleo, sugar free, gluten free, USDA Organic.
  • How do I use it?

    Add one packet to 8 fl. oz. of hot water, or blend it into your favorite smoothie.

  • Wind down with a cup of reishi

    We’ve all been there. It’s almost midnight and you’re in bed, staring at the clock. You’re thinking about your early morning meetings and how much easier they will be if you get a good night’s sleep. While our brains do not have on and off switches, there are certainly ways you can help yourself find relaxation and support your body’s sleep. We are big believers in the chill effects of the Reishi mushroom.

    How and when to use:

  • Add one packet to 8 fl. oz. of hot water, or blend into your favorite smoothie.
  • Drink two hours before going to bed, or during a stressful day.
  • Drink one packet per day.

  • $ 91.00