$ 47.60

  • What does it do?

    Helps support occasional stress and sleep as your new evening ritual. 
  • What is it?

    A sweet evening treat in the style of European hot cocoa, with reishi to help you chill. 
  • How many?

    10 instant powder packets per box.
  • How powerful is it?

    500 mg of extracted, log-grown red reishi mushroom fruiting bodies per serving.
  • Can I have it?

    Vegan, no fillers, no carrier, USDA Organic.
  • How do I use it?

    Add one packet to 3.5 fl. oz. of hot water.

  • What a perfect way to end the day

    Your nightly ritual is about to get an upgrade with our hot cacao mix of reishi, that’s been shown to help support sleep and occasional stress. Reishi is so esteemed that in ancient scroll paintings, it’s often depicted as the “bridge between Earth and Heaven”. Other nicknames for this regal fungi include “mushroom of immortality,” “mushroom of spiritual potency,” and “rule of herbs”.

    How and when to use:

  • Drink this cocoa espresso-style, adding one packet to 3.5 fl. oz. of hot water.
  • Drink this beverage in the early evening to wind down, or as a dessert drink to create a relaxing moment.
  • Try adding a splash of coconut milk, which blends beautifully with this drink’s cinnamon and cardamom flavors.
  • 6 Powerful Ingredients:

    Organic Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum) extract (500 mg)

    Often called “the queen of mushrooms,” the use of reishi mushrooms dates back more than 4,000 years and, to this day, it is one of the most widely used medicinal mushrooms in the world. Reishi is so popular because of its power to help balance us physically, mentally, and spiritually.

    Each packet contains 500 mg of log-grown red reishi mushroom extract. No starch, sugars, or any fillers … at all.

    Cacao Powder

    Our smooth, flavorful, and minimally processed cacao powder, grown in the high altitudes of Peru makes up 2.6g per serving of our cacao reishi blend.

    Coconut Palm Sugar

    We add just a little sweetness with organic coconut palm sugar that’s a mineral-rich alternative to refined sugars. It is made by boiling down the sap of the coconut palm, the “maple syrup of the tropics”. One serving contains only 2.5 grams of coconut palm sugar—just enough - which or comparison is about 1/10 the amount of sugar in one banana!


    Cinnamon’s sweet and pungent flavor activates the taste buds to complement the fullness of cacao, leaving you satisfied without any lingering sweet-tooth cravings.


    This valued ayurvedic spice adds an awesome flavor to the blend and supports digestion.


    We add a pinch of stevia leaf extract for calorie-free sweetness to round out the bitterness of the reishi. Our stevia is a high-quality concentrated extract without the common metallic aftertaste.

    Only 25 calories per serving!

    $ 47.60