$ 35.60

  • What does it do?

    No jitters, no crashes.
  • What it is?

    With wild-harvested chaga and lion’s mane fruiting bodies, this drink is your brain's BFF. 
  • How many?

    10 on-the-go instant powder packets per box / 50 mg of caffeine per serving
  • How powerful is it?

    500 mg of extracted mushrooms per serving.
  • Can I have it?

    Vegan, Paleo friendly, sugar-free, no fillers, USDA organic.
  • How do I use it?

    Add one packet to 7 fluid oz. of hot water.

  • Your Brain's BFF 

    Lion’s Mane is your brain’s best friend. Long used by the Buddhist monks to help with focus during meditation, this beautiful mushroom is our modern-day favorite for getting creative. The energizing effects of our Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee are stabilized with our dual-extracted chaga mushrooms that also help to support your daily immune functions. To enhance our chaga and lion’s mane, we add wild rhodiola root, an adaptogen known as ‘the golden root’, making this our most creative cup of coffee yet.
    Ingredients: Organic Instant Coffee, Organic Lion's Mane Coffee, Organic Chaga, Organic Rhodiola

    How and when to use:

  • Add one packet to 7 fluid oz. of hot water, or blend it into your favorite smoothie.
  • Drink this beverage in the afternoon to achieve the perfect clear state of mind.
  • Drink it at every coffee break for upgraded enjoyment.
  • Drink two packets per day.

    It tastes like coffee. For real. Here’s what others say about this coffee:

    I am a complete lover of ‘shroom coffee! So nice to have an easy, go-to, clean coffee that tastes great and has the health benefits that mushrooms offer. Although around for centuries as natural medicine, mushrooms are making the biggest comeback ever!

    I've been a fan of chaga mushrooms for years, and my boyfriend is a total coffee addict. This product is amazing, and after ordering three boxes of it after my first taste, we will continue to drink this every morning. 

    I absolutely love this coffee! It tastes wonderful: smooth and mellow. I recently gave up sugar, and most other coffees taste too acidic. This is perfect even without the sugar. Five stars!

  • $ 35.60